Horgen is worth a visit!

Our lakeside municipality with a history embracing almost a millennium has much to offer.

Lakeside with fountain and sust

Do you know the Muleteer’s Trail and its centuries-old past? A signposted path guides you on the historical tracks of the Muleteers from the Lake of Zurich to the Lake of Zug.

Are you interested in a guided tour?

We offer our Medley Tour, on which you are able to see the highlights of our historical village centre.

You want to experience something with your kids?

With our Kidstour Horgen you will travel in time to explore childhood and what it meant through the ages. There will be games, quizzes and a nibble along the way. A journey through the history of Horgen for all ages.

Are you looking for hiking suggestions in our region? We can provide a lot of them.

Our museums are well worth a visit too. Did you know that Horgen is home to Europe few walkable brown-coal mines? In the Residential and Porcelain Museum, a former Vintner's house, built in 1737, you can see an extensive private porcelain collection.

Stay in one of our hotels and enjoy our varied cuisine in one of the many restaurants.
Verkehrsverein Horgen
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